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[Lifep!ck Newsletter] High-Functional Cosmetics Used by Korean Well-known Plastic Surgeons!

Do you want have a Glowing Skin?

Often, foreigners wonder what the secret of Koreans’ glossy skin is.
So, is there a special gene related to a glossy skin? Answer is NO!
In fact, there are only Korean functional products and skincare tips Korean apply in daily life.

Meet the Reteenage, cosmetic brand of Kim Jong Seo Plastic Surgery, well-known in Korea.
As you can guess, plastic surgery uses carefully selected high-functional products that can bring immediate effects to the skin.
We, LifePick, offer such products specifically to customers who want to improve their skin in consultation with hospitals.
If you have any queries on our products, feel free to contact us!

Thank you!

[Product detail]
[Hydro Papaya Enzyme Powder Wash]
[Rosee de Pre Rejuvenation Mist]
[Vitamin C Liposome Mask 1Box]