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[Lifep!ck Newsletter] Here, Special Edition Kit for Special Day!

Here, Special Edition Kit for Special Day!

We have prepared a Christmas makeup kit that your customers will be interested in.

Christmas is the time when everyone wants to stand out and look the most beautiful as you know.

Discover below products of LIFEP!CK that will win the hearts of such customers.

And please don’t forget we always welcome your inquiries regarding products or partnership.
If you have any queries on our products, feel free to contact us!

Thank you!

[Product detail]

[Ice Jelly Eye Palette]
Ice Jelly Cheek Blusher B02 Nude Dazzling]
[Tattoo Lip Candle Tint 925 Pink Guave]
[Tattoo Lip Candle Tint 35 Watermelon]
[Tattoo Lip Candle Tint 352 Mangosteen]
[Jelly Lip Plumper Tint P01 Sparkling Champane]