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자가혈액줄기세포,얼굴, 가슴 등 볼륨,탄력 탁월함

[Petit] PRP Filler Misfill 10ml

Product Code : MD-21E0001

자가 지방 흡입 대신 신체에 꺼져 있는 부위를 채우고 입체적인 윤곽을 형성함으로써 피부의 탄력을 증가시키고 피부 결과 피부 톤을 향상시키는 바디 필러입니다.

자가혈액줄기세포,얼굴, 가슴 등 볼륨,탄력 탁월함
1카톤 : 100개
10cc * 1

PRP Filler Misfill 10ml

It’s an optimal BODY Filler that fills the off areas and forms three-dimensional contours instead of
liposuction to increase skin elasticity and improve skin tone.

This product is a high-quality filler that can be used directly instead of liposuction, and hard and large particles are injected deep into
the skin to firmly fill the off areas to create volume.

It's used to make the body's contour lines three-dimensional.

[High Elasticity and High Cohesiveness]

Tiny and even-sized gel particles are designed for solid firm shapes and clear sharp outlines.

You can do the simple and quick procedure with a convenient injection method.

[Long-lasting Effectiveness]

Various clinical tests are approved the better and longer effectiveness comparing to the existing HA Filler.