Foot cream that moisturizes your skin

[Personal Care] Heel Skin Balm 150ml

Product Code : MD-22G0022

Foot cream that moisturizes your skin

Heel Skin Foot Mask 23g x 10ea

Foot cream that moisturizes your skin
It is a daily care product that can help with systematic foot care by providing moisture and nutrition.
Care rough and cracked skin with a heel skin balm.

◎ High moisturization
◎ Available for massage
◎ Moisturizing care
◎ Light applicability, daily care

【Recommend for】
Those who get tired often with calluses
Those who feel uncomfortable because of dry feet
Those who wear often shoes and sandals
Those who work standing up for a long time

【How to use】
Apply the heel balm all over your feet.
Rub the entire foot like a massage to relieve the fatigue of the foot.


【Main ingredients】
Shea butter, tea tree leaf oil, papaya fruit juice, olive extract