Simple hair & scalp self-care system by combining ‘Auto MTS' and 'Ampoule-On'!

[Hair loss & Scalp care] Scalp Care 8-week package

Product Code : MD-22G0013

Simple hair & scalp self-care system by combining ‘Auto MTS' and 'Ampoule-On'!

Scalp Care 8-week package

Simple hair & scalp self-care system by combining ‘Auto MTS' and 'Ampoule-On'!
Now care the Hair loss & Scalp care at home that you got at the hospital!

<Only for10 Minutes! Once a Week! 8-Week Care Program>

Forget about the Hair loss ampoule that was useless no matter how much you applied to the scalp.
Absorb nutrients directly into the scalp.
The overwhelming difference in absorption rate! Once a week, take care of your scalp in just 10 minutes and feel the effect!

It is convenient hair loss care product with cost-effectiveness 

It provides defense substances that suppress activated DHT under the genetic influence and delivers nutrients to the weakened scalp to improve the hair environment to induce growth.

*It contains ingredients notified by the Korea Food and Drug Administration to improve hair loss.
In addition to Salicylic acid, it contains Biotin, Copper Tripeptide, and Panthenol for scalp nutrition.

【Recommend for】
Those who were concerned about taking care of hair loss at home.
Those who are getting care at a hospital and spa in the early stages of hair loss.
Those who have thin hair and have a lot of hair falling out.
Those who just started losing hair on the top of their own heads.

◎With 3,500 movements per minute, 40,000 drops of active ingredients are delivered directly to the scalp. 
◎The medical microneedle mounted on the 'Mini Pin' enhances the effect.
◎Take care of your hair loss at home instead of at the clinic

1. Mini Pin (Auto MTS Machine 1 SET)
2. Disposable Sterilization Tip Cartridge 8ea+ Hair loss Improvement Functional Cosmetics (1 SET)
<*Powder (100mg X 4ea) + Tonic (30ml) + Spray (30ml)>

Prohibition of use: infectious skin diseases, other skin diseases, diabetes complications, pregnant women and lactating women, heart disease patients, and medical electronics users (including physical and chemical hair removal and laser hair removal / Medical electronics: pacemaker and defibrillator), injured areas

【How to use】
1. Prepare Cytokine-8 by mixing it with tonics.
(*Cytokine-8 is used twice per bottle, and the remaining ampoule should be refrigerated and used within two weeks.)
2. Put the cytokine-8 prepared in the Mini pin cartridge and turn it on. (*We recommend you wash your hair before using the mini pin.)
3. After checking the condition of the mini pin battery, gently press the ampoule at a right angle to the area you want to use and deliver the ampoule.
(*Cytokine-8 ampoule formulation flows into the scalp within 2 minutes during the mini pin operation. Apply ampoule quickly to the area of your concern and absorb it with a mini pin for the rest of the time.)