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Korean-style Beauty Medical Tour

Enjoy Korean-style beauty and health care programs that combined various authentic activities in Jeju Island!

Program schedule:

3 days


800000 원
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[Day 1]


09:55~14:30 Arrive Jeju-do (Jeju direct flights)

14:30~15:30 Eat seafood and go sightseeing at Dongmun Market

16:00~19:00 Han Dam-gil + Oh Sul Rok

19:00~20:30 Dinner

20:30~21:00 Move to hotel / free time (*WE Hotel)  


[Day 2]

09:00           Meet in hotel lobby after hotel breakfast

09:00~10:00  Move to K-beauty academy

10:00~12:30  Detox care program / product: Egabi (*54, Wonnohyeong-roJeju-siJeju-do, Republic of Korea)


         [Men] The Five Elements scalp detox program

         - firming, energy solution

         - Effect of decreasing face size, eyes relax, muscle relaxation 


         [Woman] Forearm of body detox programs

         - Effect of peeling gel-membrane corset ?

         - Effect of decreasing face and forearm size 


12:30~14:00  Lunch

14:00~15:00  Move to WE hotel

15:00~15:30  WE hotel tour (*with hotel staff)


15:30~17:30  The WE Health Care Program (*WE Health Promotion Center_six persons)

                 - Hae-Am Hydro 水 treatment program

                 - Mind Therapy

                 - Customized nutritional injection


17:30~18:00  Rest and Arrangement

18:00~19:30  Dinner

19:30~         Move to hotel / free time (WE Hotel)  


[Day 3]

09:00           Meet in hotel lobby after hotel breakfast

09:00~12:00  Shopping at Jeju Ollet-gil and Shilla Duty Free (free time)

12:00~13:30  Move to K-beauty academy after lunch

13:30~18:00  KMTC Skin beauty academy education

                  - Guide to Korean-style Skin moisturizing MTS program

                  ?- Introduction to Academic Education

                  ?- Introduction to Curriculum Practice Experience and Services

                    ?: Face scrub program

                  ?  : Whitening and Polishing program

                  ?  : Skin Stabilization and Regeneration program


18:00~19:30 Dinner

19:30~20:00 Move to hotel / free time (WE Hotel)  


[Day 4]

04:30~05:00  Meet in hotel lobby

05:00~05:50  flight procedures (international airlines, 2 hours ago) / have a meal in airport(option)

07:55           Depart Jeju-do(Shenyang direct flights) 


[hotel->airport] it will take 40~50 minutes 



1. Price includes only for tour program. Hotel & Meal are not included.


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